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Essential surf travel gear for the serious surf traveler. Not a
clothing boutique or warehouse for unloading cheap junk. These
are the supplies and gear you need for real surf travel.

The Surfer's Guides Blog
Good blog. You should subscribe.
Surfing Website Directory
Possibly the best site to check for swell, wind and tide forecasts
and fairly accurate site descriptions. All the good stuff - photos, videos,
charts and maps.
Not as detailed as MagicSeaweed, but worth a check.
After checking the other surf forecasts come to Weather Underground for more detail on the weather forecast.
If you never heard of Surfline then you really need help! The original surf forecaster finally has some real
competition, but it's still worth a check.

NSR - Nicaragua Surf Report
The Nicaragua Surf Report is a must-visit when heading to the SW coast of Nicaragua. Daily photos of the
surf, mostly from Maderas, but regular updates from Colorados, Santana, Yankee, Popoyo and other local
spots. The shots are all archived, so you can see how the surf was in previous years for the same time you're
planning your trip.
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