The Surfer's Guide to Nicaragua - Magnificent Rock
Magnificent Rock

The magnificent reef known as Magnificent Rock is easily
seen from the lineup
s at Popoyo and Playa Santana. But
have you ever seen anyone surf the magnificent lefts?
robably not.

If you've driven the roads of the surf-rich area between
Astillero and Colorados, you've probably seen the signs in
Salinas pointing to Magnificent Rock - specifically, the hotel
overlooking this natural wonder. Head down that road, make
the right at the beach, then go up the hill to the hotel and
lookout. It's a magnificent view for sure, looking to the north
at Popoyo and
Guanacaste. But there's also a wave right out
front that breaks with good swells and lower tides. It's not for
the faint of heart or weak of arms and lung-power, as it's a
long paddle over a rock reef with a lot of water moving
around. And the waves are twice as big as they look from
shore. But it's good, and as you'll see, there's no one out.
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Magnificent Lefts at Magnificent Rock