The Surfer's Guide to Nicaragua - Playa Guasacate
Playa Guasacate

On the main road to Popoyo everyone passes Guasacate.  
PASSES Guasacate. That means it's empty. And what most
don't know is that there's good surf; often great surf. From the
rivermouth at the north end to the rivermouth bordering
Popoyo, it's endless beachbreak. The best surf is where no
one looks, naturally, which is at the north end. Access is
further complicated with the wall constructed for Bella Vista,
but it's really not difficult to get to the surf. Like most beach
breaks, it's better on mid to higher tides. The easiest beach
access is just north of the pizzeria, La Rana Roja, near the
entrance to Hotel Popoyo/Toro Surf. That's where the road
passes closest to the beach. There are two hotels there. One
on the ocean side owned by Nicaraguans, and the other is
Hotel Popoyo, (
Hotel Popoyo) where you can stay, eat, swim
in a pool, and walk to surf every day.
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