The Surfer's Guide to Nicaragua - Playa Gavilan
Playa Gavilan

Until 2009 Gavilan was entirely off the surf map. For gringos,
the only hint that a place called Gavilan existed was a sign on
a wrought iron gate fronting a nondescript house on the road
north to Astillero. But as with so many places, the opening of
Las Plumerias Lodge & Surf ( marks
the opening of another surf region. You won’t see these
breaks from the road, but there are reefs and points just
beyond the trees and other places nearby. Stay at Las
Plumerias (nice cabinas up on the hill overlooking the
Pacific) or just stop by for a meal and they’ll help you find the
surf. Las Plumerias is a good central place to stay if you want
to get away from the Popoyo surf ghetto and still be located
near all the breaks from Popoyo to the south to Chacocente
to the north. The owners are transplanted French surfers, so
expect good food, a passion for life and a passion for surf.
Great folks. Enjoy it all before the crowds figure this one out.
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Las Plumerias Lodge & Surf at Playa Gavilan.
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