There are a couple of places to stay in Astillero. One is the Hostal Hamacas. (cell phone 505-419-0909)
You’ll see signs for this basic, backpackers hostel miles away. It’s right in the middle of the beach, so you
can walk north to the better surf. Another little place to stay is the Bahia Paraiso Hotel Restaurante. It’s
also on the beach and has a bit more of a surf bent, with a surfboard sign out front advertising surfing,
boat trips and fishing.
The Surfer's Guide to Nicaragua - Astillero

Bordered on the north by the Chacocente turtle sanctuary and
on the south by the somewhat ignored (until 2009) Gavilan,
Astillero is a poor, basic fishing village that would have been
built into a Tamarindo by now had the sand been a pretty
white or sand color rather than dark dirt brown. You see,
Astillero holds the distinction of being one of the very few
places in all of west coast Nicaragua where the coast
highway (“highway” but it’s still a dirt road) actually runs
alongside the beach. And there’s surf. The beach breaks are
ordinary at best; mostly closed out. But at the north end of the
bay it gets interesting, with better shape, a rivermouth, then
into the Chacocente reserve with more and better surf. The
fishing cooperative here not only provides a great deal of fish
for great distances, it’s got a load of pangas and some
surfing fishermen. So ask around and you can get a ride out
to some great, somewhat secret surf nearby. Certainly more
secret than Popoyo to the south.
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Astillero fishing coop. OK, which one of these guys is the surfer?