The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica - Playa Zancudo
Playa Zancudo

Zancudo has always been a mellow beach town, spread along
a long stretch of fair to good beachbreaks. Only rarely would
you see surfers, until recently. Always popular with the fishing
crowd, primarily due to Roy’s Zancudo Lodge, the premier
sportfishing operation in Costa Rica, Zancudo has always been
overshadowed by the perfect left point to its southeast,
Pavones. Even the reefs further southeast got more attention.
But that’s changed. A few years back surfers and others
started building more lodging and eateries. And then Roy’s
became The Zancudo Lodge, and to the surf travel business,
Zancudo Surf Lodge, successfully rebranding itself to cater to
surfers with a few extra bucks in their pockets for upscale
accommodations and a fleet of sportfishing boats to taxi out to
Pavones, Matapalo and other reasonably close breaks. With
advertorials on and promotions from Waterways
Travel, Zancudo is now in everyone’s surf travel crosshairs, as
it should be.
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Fun Playa Zancudo Right
Courtesy of Oceano Cabinas in Playa Zancudo
It’s nicer here than Pavones, or perhaps it’s better to say less sketchy, and there are more and better amenities. While
taking boats out to Pavones, the right points at Cabo Matapalo and other breaks is a cool option, and the main draw, there’
s great, uncrowded surf right here in Zancudo, all up and down the sandy beach. It’s smaller and mellower at the north
end up near the rivermouth, and the waves get bigger and better as you head south. Overall, the surf in Zancudo is
mellow, being great for beginners and intermediates to get away from the crowds and have some fun. But it can get
some size, too, so everyone can have some fun.

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