The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica - Pacific Southwest
Costa Rica's Pacific Southwest

Let’s define the Pacific Southwest as the region along the Pacific Coast south of Punta Uvita to the
Panamanian border. The Pacific Southwest has progressively more rain and humidity as you move south,
with parts of the region getting 150 to 300 inches of rain annually. Even the so-called dry season gets
torrential downpours, turning the jungle into a steaming sauna. But this is also the region that is home to the
legendary Pavones, probably the longest left in the universe. And across the gulf is Cabo Matapalo with its
long, excellent rights.

How to get there

If you’re coming straight from the San José airport just head south on CA2. It’s a long and winding road, but
as scenic as they come. If you are going to the Osa Peninsula exit CA2 at Piedras Blancas heading toward
Rincón. To reach Pavones you’ll continue on and exit at Río Claro to head toward Golfito. If you are driving
along the coast from Dominical just keep driving. You will meet up with CA2 at Palmar Norte.
Central Pacific Surf Spots

- Drake Bay
- Cabo Matapalo
- Playa Carbonera
- Pan Dulce
- Backwash
- Hog Hole / The Point
- Carate
Playa Zancudo
- Pavones
- Punta Banco
- Punta Burica

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