The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica - Isla Uvita
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Isla Uvita

There's a small island just off the coast of Puerto Limón with
a juicy, barreling left breaking over a live coral reef—and it
can get big.  You can see the waves wrapping around the
island from Westfalia beach.

Uvita disappeared from the surf world radar until the June
2012 Surfing Magazine, which featured at trip with DJ Struntz,
Balaram Stack, Eric Geiselman and CJ Hobgood, who’s
shown in a monster barrel. Their guide was the honorable
local, Gilbert Brown. The wave is a short boat ride from
Limón or Piuta.

Excerpted from The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica & SW Nicaragua,
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Check out Pochosurf's video taken from the boat. Be sure to subscribe to Pochosurf's YouTube
channel. He needs some love. Gracias Pocho!