The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica - Guanacaste & the NW

Compared to the rest of Costa Rica, the northwest part of Costa Rica is almost like another country. Similar
to the American Southwest, it’s dryer, rockier, and home to Costa Rica’s ranches and cowboys. For surfers,
this is where you get more offshore winds, and more nearshore and offshore reefs, mostly formed from
volcanic lava.

Guanacaste is also home to two of the best waves in Costa Rica, Ollie’s Point and Witches Rock. They are
also two of even find them crowded, especially Ollie’s. But you’ll never have the complete Costa Rica surf
experience without surfing these spots. In fact, Witches ranks as one of the best beach breaks in the world,
and Ollie’s one of the funnest point breaks. So you gotta go. (List of Guanacaste surf spots below.)
- Ollie's Point / Playa Portrero
- Witches Rock / Playa Naranjo
- Playa Grande
Playa Tamarindo
- Playa Langosta
- Playa Avellanes
- Playa Negra
- Playa Junquillal
- Playa Marbella
- Playa Ostional
- Playa Nosara
- Playa Pelada
- Playa Guiones
- Playa Garza
- Playa Sámara
- Playa Carillo
- Playa Camaronal
- Playa San Miguel
- Playa Coyote
- Playa Caletas
- Playa Manzanillo
- Playa Hermosa (Nicoya)
Playa Santa Teresa
- Playa Carmen
- Mal País
- Punta Barrigona
- Los Suecos

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