The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica - Caribbean
Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast

If your first Costa Rica surf destination is on the Pacific coast, you will not see much change following your
arrival at the airport. But you will after you take the three-hour drive from San José to the Caribbean. The
humidity increases. The slow pace gets even slower. Rooms get dingier. The food gets greasier. And the
look and feel becomes more Caribbean, less Latin American, as it should considering that the surf here
originates in the places you usually envision when thinking Caribbean.

Here you will find fewer upscale accommodations (only a handful of hotels offer air conditioning), especially
south of Limón, assuming that you are looking for them. At the same time, there are times when it will be
difficult to find a place to stay at all, such as during Carnival in October. So make reservations if you want to
stay at the nicer hotels.

Hotels are one thing, the surf is another. Here you will find true coral reef juice and the biggest and best
waves in Costa Rica. And you will find them in winter, when the Pacific averages smaller waves. But we
speak of the southern coast only; the north is probably not your first choice for surfing.
Caribbean Coast Surf Spots

- Barra Del Colorado / Tortuguero
- Parismina
- Potrete
- Playa Bonita
- Roca Alta
Isla Uvita
- Barco Quebrado
- Cahuita / Black Beach
- Puerto Viejo / Salsa Brava
- Long Shoal
- Playa Cocles
- Punta Uva
- Manzanillo

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