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(Relatively) New Border Crossing Requirements

Passports are now required to visit Mexico. In lieu of a passport, you can purchase a passport card for
$45, so it costs less than a passport, but it doesn't apply to air travel - land and sea only.

There's more to know, especially for minors, so for more information see the Department of Homeland
Security press release
US State Department Blesses La Paz and South Baja

After years of warning US citizens of the dangers and
terrors of Baja, the US State Department has acknow-
ledged that not all of Baja is blood-drenched. On
March 13, 2012, the advisory was reversed to a
"no advisory" for all of Baja Sur, and La Paz in particular.

"We applaud the U.S. State Department for recognizing what every visitor to La Paz experiences here: That
it is a beautiful, peaceful city, and – along with the entire South Baja region – it is an entirely secure and
rewarding place for vacations, for owning a second home, or for retirement," said Agustin Olachea,
President of La Paz Tourism Board, and spokesperson for the La Paz Developers Tourism Council.
"Travelers can feel confident coming here, knowing that the peace that one quietly encounters in La Paz
extends directly from the abundant ocean life and cultural richness that sets La Paz apart from any place
on the planet."

The State Department doesn't usually break Mexico down into safe and unsafe areas, and there's much
speculation as to why now. Whatever the reason, it's good that the truth is finally told. The locals
desperately need the tourism dollars. The flip side is, here come the crowds again. Better get down now!
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Road Construction Between Mulege and San Ignacio

There's a bunch of road construction taking place near
Mulege on the San Ignacio side through the hills. The
stops are frequent and the drive is very slow with long
waits behind strings of semis. Plan an extra hour or two
for that stretch of highway and be ready for plenty of dirt