The Surfer's Guide to Baja - Boca de Santo Tomas
Boca de Santo Tomas

At Boca de Santo Tomas you can find a variety of surf - south facing
beach, reef and right point breaks - with lots of kelp to keep it glassy.
It’s also a picturesque little area with a fishing village, some touristy
stuff, and nice vacation homes sometimes available for rent.

If you have been driving south and are at Bufadora you will need to
drive back to Maneadero because there is no coast road between
Punta Banda and Punta Santo Tomás. If you are coming up from
Punta San José, the same holds true - you need to drive back to the
Mexico 1. You can try the coastal dirt road up from Punta San José if
you have a mountain goat-like four-wheel drive. You will probably
make it to the little fishing village after a bit of crawling up and down
the narrow dirt road. And there’s some surf to be found here. But the
road - if you can call it that - gets really sketchy after that. So while it
is just a few kilometers to Punta China at that point, your best bet is
the long drive back out through Punta San José to Santo Tomás on
Mexico 1. I’ve never tried to complete the drive past the fishing
village, and everyone has told me not to try, so I’ll pass that same
advice along to you.
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The turnoff from Mexico 1 is clearly marked coming from both directions. The drive in is about 16.5 miles - the road sign
says 33 kilometers - and is easy to navigate as the road is wide and smooth. At some point the road splits in two, with the
north fork tracking along the hillside. Take your pick of fork tines, they converge eventually anyhow. As you near the Boca
de Santo Tomás you will see a sign to turn south to Punta China. Go check it out. There’s surf and camping. The actual
“boca” or La Bocana is the rivermouth of Río Santo Tomás. You will see the estuary as you approach the beach, along
with a grassy campground. Continue on and you will find the fish camp, a couple of stores, more camping, RV parking, and
some cabins to rent. Head around the point to the northwest and you will see the fishing boats in the bay, eventually
reaching the Alamo-looking arch with a sign saying “Real Baja Puerto Santo Tomás.” Here you’ll find more camping (hot
showers, toilets), a store, restaurant and lodging.

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