The Surfer's Guide to Baja - San Miguel
San Miguel

San Miguel is possibly the most crowded spot in the entire Baja
peninsula, because it’s one of the best right points in the entire
peninsula, too.

San Miguel is a classic right cobblestone rivermouth break. (Although
I hesitate to call it “cobblestone” as the rocks are bowling ball size
and bigger.) Fast, hollow with size, and fun, San Miguel breaks best
on west and northwest swells, low to mid-tide. Getting in and out at
low tide is no fun with the slippery boulders and urchins. There’s a
bigger nightmare, though: Crazy crowded on weekends with
gringos, campers from all over the world, and locals.

San Miguel is easy to find, it’s just past the toll both outside
Ensenada. In fact, you can pull over before or after paying the toll to
check out the surf. Just don’t try to leave your vehicle there. To surf
San Miguel you’ll need to pay the toll, then pay to park in the

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The author on a typically small day at San Miguel (exhibiting bad form).
Photo courtesy Bob Towner Art