The Surfer's Guide to Baja - Punta Baja to Cedros Island
Surfing from Punta Baja to Cedros Island

Just as Baja changes dramatically heading south out of
Ensenada, it goes to a new level after reaching El Rosario.
Consider that, up until 1973 this was the end of the road,
literally. That year the Transpeninsular Highway was completed,
paving the way to the modern Baja era.

At El Rosario the road turns inland and it gets difficult to reach
many of the breaks, sometimes requiring a big commitment. Be
prepared with supplies – food, water and gas. Help is a long
way away.

Get gas in El Rosario. It’s a long way to the next gas stop,
, which has no gas station, just gas by the can, and
only regular, no premium.
It's not "open" at night, and doesn’t
always have gas. Near the PEMEX is Mama Espinosa’s
restaurant where you can load up on their excellent (but
expensive) lobster burritos. The nearest surf to the south is a
long ways away. But Punta Baja is right there near El Rosario.
Baja Surf Spots from Punta Baja to Cedros Island

Punta Baja
Punta San Antonio
Punta San Carlos
Punta Canoas
Punta Blanca
Punta Cono
Punta Maria
El Cardón
Punta Ositos / Punta Lobos
Punta Negra / Punta Prieta
Punta San Andrés
Punta Santa Rosalillita
Punta Rosarito / The Wall
El Tomatal / Miller’s Landing
Morro Santo Domingo
Cedros Island

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