The Surfer's Guide to Baja - Isla Natividad to Magdalena Bay
The Northern Part of Baja Sur

There are maybe two spots that occasionally get
crowded in the region from the farthest western point of
Baja to its biggest island. To get here, you need to drive
two days from California, or fly in, so it’s out there. With
the exception of those taking the packaged surf tours,
anyone heading to this area usually has plans to stay
awhile. And why not?

If you do plan to drive in be sure to prepare well, and take
your time. Getting lost and flat tires are to be expected, as
is helping stranded travelers along the way. Short cuts
become the long way. And a fancy new SUV is only as
good as your ability to find the jack. There are very few
motels, so either prepare to camp or plan your driving
days well. And the motels you will find aren’t the nicest,
so set your expectations.
Surf Spots from Isla Natividad to Magdalena Bay

Isla Natividad
Bahía Tortugas (Turtle Bay)
Bahía Asunción (Asuncion Bay)
Punta San Hipolito
La Bocana
Punta Abreojos
Campo René
Punta Santo Domingo
Bahía San Juanico (Scorpion Bay)
Punta San Gregorio
Las Barrancas
San Andresito
San Jorge
Isla Magdalena, Punta San Lazaro, Punta Hughes, Magdalena or Mag Bay

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