The Surfer's Guide to Baja - Punta Conejo to Migrino
South of Mag Bay

Between Mag Bay and Punta Conejo are miles of barrier
islands (like Isla Cresciente) and rivermouths (Boca
Guadalupe) with surf yet to be discovered, or more
accurately, discussed. Without a boat, or a boatload of
time and resourcefulness, the next stop south is Punta
Conejo. But if you have an inkling for discovery and
adventure, you really should check out the drivable part of
this stretch. Especially if you’re a goofy foot, as there are
some lefts…
Surf Spots from Punta Conejo to Migrino

Punta Conejo
Punta Marquez
La Bocana
La Pastora
Todos Santos
Punta Lobos
Punta San Pedro
Playa San Pedro
El Pescadero
Playa Los Cerritos
Punta Gaspareno
Plutarco Elias Calles/Boca de San Jacinto
Boca el Barranco

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