The Surfer's Guide to Baja - Cabo San Lucas to the East Cape
Cabo San Lucas to the East Cape

Cabo is California’s favorite escape from the cold of
winter. The difference between a 4/3 and trunks is just a
two-hour flight from Los Angeles. Facing southwest to
southeast, Cabo picks up surf from all directions in all

The Cabo “Corridor” is the most luxurious stretch of Baja,
featuring some of the most expensive upscale resorts in
the world. For surfers who have been traveling the length
of Baja for decades, the “new” Cabo is at once shocking
and disappointing. The growth of upscale/high-rise
hotels and condos is shocking. The reduced access and
lack of wide-open spaces for camping is disappointing.
But for most, it’s not all bad. And it gets better as you
head east.
Surf Spots from Cabo San Lucas to the East Cape

Playa Barco Varado
Bahia Chileno
Playa El Tule
Rancho San Carlos
Playa Buenas Aires
Punta Palmilla
Costa Azul
Playa Acapulquito
The Rock
Estero San Jose / La Bocana
Punta Gorda
Nine Palms
Punta Perfecta
Boca del Salado / Boca del Tule
Frailes South
Los Frailes
Cabo Pulmo / Bahia Pulmo
Little Arena
Punta Arena
Punta Colorado

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