The Surfer's Guide to Baja - La Bufadora to El Rosario
Heading south of Ensenada

South of Ensenada you’ll pass through a military checkpoint
which, among other things, signals that you are entering a
different world—what most like to think of as the real Baja. This
is where it changes from San Diego’s low-rent suburb to BAJA.

Technically, you are expected to present your tourist permit or
visa at the checkpoint, but they rarely ask for it. You’re also
supposed to present papers when returning through the
checkpoint—again, they rarely ask. You are, however, likely to
get your vehicle searched, so don’t test that part of the system.

As you head south of Ensenada travel becomes more difficult. It
is harder to reach or find the surf breaks as access roads can
be rough, steep, long or all three. There are few signs in Baja
and even fewer here. Ocean conditions also get more
challenging, too, with higher winds and lower water temps.
Baja Surf Spots from La Bufadora to El Rosario

Boca de Santo Tomás
Punta San José
Punta Cabras
Punta San Isidro
K-181 (Eréndira)
San Antonio Del Mar
Cabo Colonet
Quatro Casas/Punta San Telmo
Robert’s Lefts
Shipwrecks, Freighters, Rincon de Baja or Punta San Jacinto
Rincon de Baja
Punta Camalú
Playas San Ramón
La Salina
Cabo San Quintín
El Playón
Playa Santa Maria or Cielito Lindo
El Socorro

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