Surf Travel Guides for Baja, Costa Rica and Nicaragua

It started in 1996 with The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica, the first comprehensive surf travel guide, covering
not only the breaks and their characteristics, but detailed info on how to get there, what to pack, where to
stay and other helpful tips. The Costa Rica guide was followed by The Surfer’s Guide to Baja in 1999. Then
in 2006 the Costa Rica guide added Nicaragua.

Many, many guides have since followed in these footsteps, especially for Costa Rica, one of the more
popular surf travel destinations. They all had great pictures (The Surfer’s Guide to Costa Rica originally had
none), and some have been pretty good, but none with the same level of detail or as frequent updates.

The tradition continues, with more online than ever before. So click the links above to get to the online
versions of The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Baja. If you want more info, the full-on guides
with all the details of where to surf and sleep, check out the good old-fashioned guidebooks. The full, highly
detailed books are still available at your local surf shop or online retailer - practical surf travel guides you
can cram in a backpack and take anywhere. Notebook-size recycled paper, not pocket-books, so they're
perfect for adding your own travel notes and further detail to the maps, customizing for your surf travel
needs. Leave your laptop at home, save your printer ink and don't worry about searching out internet cafes.
Pack your books for proper Central America and Mexico surf travel. Then go online when it's convenient, not
a necessity. Or, if you have a few extra bucks, bring your phone with an international data plan and log on
from the remote (within a few miles of a cell tower!) beaches of Baja and Central America.

As always, we recommend you check Surfline, MagicSeaweed, WaveWatch, Nicaragua Surf Report and Surf
Forecast for up-to-date surf conditions. And the
State Department for the latest travel warnings.  But always,
before you go be sure to get your detailed travel background, surf travel tips, surf travel news, packing tips
and more at The Surfer's Guides to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Baja.
The Surfer's Guides to Baja, Costa Rica and Nicaragua
©1996-2012 SurfPress Publishing. All rights reserved.
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The New Baja Guide is Ready!

The 4th edition of the original and still most detailed guide for surfers
heading to Mexico's surf-packed Baja peninsula is available again, now
in digital as well as print. The best-selling Baja surf travel guide was unavailable for nearly a year as the
new edition was updated, with page count growing 25% with the new, updated and more detailed
information. The Surfer's Guide to Baja can be found in core surf shops everywhere, as well as online at
,, Createspace and other sites. The new digital version is available on
here. Over 120 Baja surf spots, lodging near the surf breaks, surf camps, tons of surf travel tips and
more. There's no better guide for surfers heading to Baja, if we do say so ourselves!